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Types of Security Safes to Ensure the Security of your Valuables at Home, Business, or Office

Having the knowledge about the various types of residential and commercial safes will make it easier for you to choose which best caters your needs and for you to choose the best locksmith nearby Queens that can provide you services if ever your residential or commercial safes malfunction. Choosing a strongbox or a safe is not a daunting task. In fact, it’s a must for you especially if you have large files, valuables, jewelry, money and other specific valuables that you need to keep in a safe and secured place.

Does your home or your business need a safe? Consider buying and installing a safe today to have peace and not having to think about lost documents, money or jewelry. The best way you can approach buying safes is collecting your thoughts about the subject and contacting a locksmith nearby Queens because they can deal with locks and strongboxes professionally and aid you in solving any type of lock and safe problem quickly.

In New York area, the finest locksmith you can contact is Power Lock Safe. They service all the physical locations in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Long Island. This expert locksmith is very respectful to customers, especially their properties, and provides prompt 24-hour service. Prices are very reasonable to suit your budget. Power Lock Safe also gives sound advice, helps you in your sage selection process, and handles all installation and delivery very well. So, if you’re looking for a locksmith nearby Queensyou can contact them today.

If you’re curious and would like to speak with your chosen locksmith with the knowledge about what they work with, these following information about residential and commercial safes are very useful for you to be able to talk with your locksmith like a pro.

Types of Home Safes (Residential Safes)

There are 4 types of home (residential) safes that you can buy for your homes. These are fire safes, gun safes, jewelry safes and burglary safes.

  • Simple Fire Resistance Safes

Simple fire resistant safes are the best choice if you want to keep your documents at home protected from burglars. You can buy this type of home safe at any local Walmart, etc. Simple fire resistant safes are not that secure but they are very fire resistant in case you want to protect important documents and papers if a house fire happen. This kind of entry level safe is good if you’re on a strict budget though they can only resist fire for an hour or less.

  • Burglar Fire Safes

A burglar fire safe provides more security than simple fire safes. They are much heavier because they’re made of steel which really makes it really safe. Burglar safes are normally concealed. There are three types of burglar safes: the stand-alone safe, floor safe and wall safe. All these three are fireproof.

  • Standalone Home Safes

This home safe is heavy and normally made from steel. It’s fireproof and it can fit with wide selection of locking devices like combination locks, key locks, and even electronic locks. They are generally mounted on the floor or any surface that where it can freely stand.

  • Wall Safes

This home safe is widely-used if you want to hide important files, documents and valuables in your home. This safe is employed by people to conceal their valuables in an inconspicuous manner. This is more convenient than floor safes because it’s connected to the walls.

  • Floor Safes

This home safe is usually embedded to a concrete floor which makes it more immune to removal. However, the downside of this safe is that it can be succumbed by rust. You can ask a locksmith nearby Queens about this so that you will know the preventive measures to reduce its rust damage.

  • Gun Safes

This home safe comes in different sizes, fire resistance, security strength and prices. Gun safes are necessary for you to keep your weapons out of the sight of your children especially if you’re away from home.

  • Jewelry Safes

This home safe is very common to local jewelers but some of the affluent citizens today are using jewelry safes at home to protect their priceless jewelry, which are normally expensive.

Types of Business Safes (Commercial Safes)

Almost all businesses require high level of safety and security compared to homeowners because they have saved and processed documents containing tax ramifications. They also store high amounts of cash money on a regular basis. It’s critically important for them to have unique safes and vaults to avoid certain issues form happening. Some associate alarm system with their money safes and vaults for utmost security.

  • Bank Vaults

Banks vaults are not the same with conventional safes. They are sometimes called “strongroom” because this commercial safe is an armored room with close fitting, heavy steel doors and a very complicated locking mechanism.

  • Office Safes

Office safes are a stronger version of homes safes which are generally fireproof. Fire ratings are higher and locking mechanism is very much secured compared to home safes. Most office safes use electronic locks.

  • Hotel Safes

Hotel safes are inexpensive safes that provide hotels security so that their lodgers will have an ensured place to put their important things during their accommodations. They are normally mounted on concrete walls like together with supplied bolts.

  • Media Safes (Data Safes)

This type of commercial safe is quite expensive. The price usually depends on specs and sizes. These safes have state-of-the-art design and are very advisable if you want to keep all your data and files in a safe place. This can stay in a fiery room, withstanding hot temperatures up to 350 degrees. You can keep your CDs, DVDs, floppy diskettes and other digital media in a media safe.

Now that you already know the different types of commercial and residential safes, you can now contact a locksmith nearby Queens to help you out in selecting the best one for your home or your office. Power Lock Safe is one of the best in New York you can trust your safes needs.

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